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Blossoms and Severe Writer’s Block April 18, 2013

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Repeatedly, in the last two months, I’ll sit in front of by laptop, open up my WordPress dashboard, click on add new post and …nothing.
Or I’ll be at the dining room table tap-tap tapping on the surface with a gnawed pen. It was a horrible experience as I seemed drained of all my creativity.

I believe it’s linked to the protracted cold weather we’ve been having in London. Now Winter is my favourite seasons but no much of a good thing isn’t good.
Or maybe its just laziness. ideas for this blog have come easily before. Now I earn it through blood, sweat and tears, emphasis on the tears.

A few evenings ago I was walking home from a friend house. It was about 10:30 pm. I rounded a corner and on the green was a huge tree laden with blossom. It was so startling that I stood in wonder. Spring is here to stay!

Night blossoms

The sunshine, warming temperatures and lighter evening hadn’t convinced me until I saw that tree. I began clapping and laughing out loud. Then this post’s title hazily formed in my mind.  The block on my creativity faded away!

Since then I jotted several ideas which I’ll blog about in the near future.

If the sun is shining where you are, step outside for a few minutes. Enjoy!


An Ode to a ‘Supply’ October 17, 2012

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I’m not a poet so this is technically not a poem.  Most of the time my posts are inspired by my work and this is no exception.

It was 7:26am

Ms Locum stood by her front door

She went through her mental check list

Two dozen pens – Check

A baker’s dozen pencils – Check

A piece of fruit, dried soup and a sachet of hot cocoa – Check

Ms Locum is a supply teacher


It was a crisp autumn day

Cool blue skies with tints of sunrise red

She walked quickly toward station

Then sprinted when she the thunder of an approaching train

Ms Locum is a supply teacher


It was a typical old style building

Ancient red brick, pipes along the corridor wall

‘I could be in any decade’ she thought

As she tailed the office staff to the classroom

Ms Locum is a supply teacher


It was year nine class

There would always be a year nine class

In they came, high on crisps and sweets after morning break

Some greeted her cheerfully

Some swore, startled by the new face

Others jostled and shoved

One or two slammed the door against the wall

Ms Locum is a supply teacher


It was a trick she learned from another teacher or maybe a book

“Good Morning” She said directly to each student as they came in

Her smile was wide and inviting

The wave of hostility receded

Then she stood in the front waiting for silence

Her smile vanished

Ms Locum is a supply teacher

“But you’re a scientist… March 6, 2012

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…you should know about this/ that/ the other”

Once people find out what I do they will eventually say this. Science for some reason means omniscience This is slightly annoying but what really infuriates me is the self-assured smirk always that comes with such a statement.

I can’t blame them I do love talking ‘Science’ and have to stop myself from boring friends and family.

Picture this conversation

“Miss, I don’t understand this question “, I am in a school as a supply teacher covering a physics class. Like a good proactive worker I go over. The question is simply discussing the relationship between frequency and wavelength for microwaves.

” You have all the information here, plug it into the right equation”, says I.

“No I don’t, What’s the speed of a microwave?” responds the student, beginning to whine.

“Yes that is a little tricky but you know this as well,” I say with a big grin. “Microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet are all forms of light. They travel at the speed of light, which is…”

“3×10^8 m/s” finishes the student surprised.

“See, you do know it” I say delighted.

Now picture this conversation, it’s the same day, same class, same questions, same student

“Miss , the angle of incidence is equal to…”

Again I go over I read the question. But nothing, a complete blank. I read the question again, still nothing. Panic bubbles up my throat. Hang on a moment, I sternly tell the bubble its been a while and I need think. I look at the student and say, “I’m not quite sure, I’ll have a think and get back to you.”

When I turn my back, the furious whispers begin

“She doesn’t know”

“She’s suppose to be a science teacher”

“This is what happens when we don’t have are normal teacher”

I spin round, “the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection” I glare at them, daring them to question my knowledge.

They don’t

Hints from the wise: part 2 January 10, 2012

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Ten day into the new year and I have already heard sound advice!

Book: I’ve been reading a mind opening book by Don Colbert MD, Deadly Emotions. In a  section on resentment, Colbert makes a statement. ‘… you need to take a positive step to keep the grievance from taking root.’

My positive step  is singing. It is difficult to begin singing when furious/sad/gloomy but it’s hard to be piteous when singing.

Church: The first real sunday of the year we had a visiting preacher. His topic – TIME 

“prioritize, plan and pursue”. In regards to this blog I plan to post every three to four days. Also to increase my readership. (A shout out to Sam :D). In pursuit I intend to  write fun and relevant topics to engage. Any ideas will be welcomed

On the train to somewhere… December 27, 2011

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So there I was on the train minding my business when a family came on. They were chatting obviously excited with Christmas so closed. I smiled to my self and continued reading my book.

“Don’t you know what a watt is?”, the mother’s voice pierced through my concentration. “It’s something to do with light…lightbulbs”

One of the boys was working on a sheet, “who discovered gravity,  Mummy?”

“Newton, but he didn’t ‘discover’ gravity he just used experiments to confirm his theory” The Dad’s voice was sure and quite. 

“”I hated physics in school. I just couldn’t get it”, said the Mother peevishly. She brought out her iPhone. “Especially optics. It was twenty years ago…”

The boy, who was sitting next to me, murmured confidently, “Well, I am going to be a scientist”