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Hello,Vitayu,Bonjour Hola,Guten Tag November 21, 2012

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This is from a fellow blooger. As a young student I really admire his prespective of the world.










I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of posts over last month. 

Starting back into the swing of the things . I recently had the pleasure of participating in a EU youth exchange program (click link to our blog).On the Youth In Action program I learnt about so many other cultures especially about Eastern Europe that I never understood before the event. I was lucky to be with people from Ukraine, Latvia ,Belarus etc, language did present a little difficulty but was quickly overcome with an open mind. The Aims of the exchange in our case was to. 

  •  explore our identity and diversity
  • understand other cultures
  • Learn more about the EU

Highlights for me were

  • Games & Activites
  • Meal times
  • And  late night fun

I had a great experience and I truly recommend to other young people  between the ages 13-21 to apply ,join or participate in Youth /School exchange or take a gap year abroad and  get out…

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