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A Morning to be Good on… November 26, 2012

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It’s Here! Well, almost

After a year of anticipation the Hobbit is coming to a screen near me. Yay!

I was read the Hobbit quite late in life. I was twenty-one and looking for a summer job. I had heard about this story but never read it. Not even after discovering Middle-Earth through Lord of the Rings. So that summer board and jobless I began my own unexpected journey.

Today is also the first anniversary of this blog.



Hello,Vitayu,Bonjour Hola,Guten Tag November 21, 2012

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This is from a fellow blooger. As a young student I really admire his prespective of the world.










I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of posts over last month. 

Starting back into the swing of the things . I recently had the pleasure of participating in a EU youth exchange program (click link to our blog).On the Youth In Action program I learnt about so many other cultures especially about Eastern Europe that I never understood before the event. I was lucky to be with people from Ukraine, Latvia ,Belarus etc, language did present a little difficulty but was quickly overcome with an open mind. The Aims of the exchange in our case was to. 

  •  explore our identity and diversity
  • understand other cultures
  • Learn more about the EU

Highlights for me were

  • Games & Activites
  • Meal times
  • And  late night fun

I had a great experience and I truly recommend to other young people  between the ages 13-21 to apply ,join or participate in Youth /School exchange or take a gap year abroad and  get out…

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Review: Wild Swans by Jung Chang November 1, 2012

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Wild Swans by Jung Chang

This book was introduced to me in a conversation I had with a fellow bookworm. Several weeks later I asked him to lend me his copy. That first night I was up until 2am. I like my sleep so I was surprised when I saw the time.

I’ve read several books set in 20th/21st century China. Harry Wu’s Troublemaker, Mary Wang’s story and Gladys Aylward’s biography Small Women. But these hadn’t prepared me for the huge stage on which this was set. Jung Chang writes about individuals while interweaving History and explanation of Chinese culture. It’s a seamless transition and adds so much.

I could connected with these three women (Grandmother, mother and daughter). Their characters and personalities were parallel to the many women in my life, mother . I was happy with their triumphs; smiled at their love interests;longed to share their loneliness and was wrath by their persecution. My main thought  throughout was this could be me especially as Jung Chang and I have similar temperaments. It’s been a while since a book has caused me to draw out large funds from my emotional bank.

Here is my final word: I will be very careful about how I use the word epic from now on.