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July 15, 2012

Posted by Geek 20/20 in Nuts and Bolts.
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This informative comic was posted on Blah Blah Blog. It put me in a thoughtful mood.

Blah Blah Blog

People need to read more

If I had more spare time, I’d read a novel. OR I would add a blog post that is more than just a picture with a short description.

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A Headful of Goodies July 11, 2012

Posted by Geek 20/20 in Science, Teaching.
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I saw this poster at a station

On Sunday, two young friends and I braved the downpour  and went to the Summer Science Exhibition. It was worth the soaking!

My favourite exhibits were

  • Probing our cosmic origins with ALMA: In the northern desert of Chile several countries have collaborated the build this giant array of fifty antenna. ALMA has high spatial and velocity resolution and high sensitivity. Now scientists can observe the formation of stars planets and galaxies. Since the telescopes can detect wavelengths emitted in these regions of space. I found this so exciting!
  • Insect Birth Control: Several deadly diseases (malaria/ dengue fever) are transmitted by insects (mosquitoes). Current methods of pest control often destroy the ecosystem as other lifeforms also die. Scientists have successfully reduced the mosquito population on a certain island. Releasing thousands of sterile males into the wild over a short period of time. Within several months the insects decreased by eighty percent!
  • POP! The sound of bubbles: We played the bubble organ which demonstrated the size of a bubbles and the pitch. Larger bubbles have lower pitch.

I was able to talk to several scientists about their work and If you want to find out more please visit the Royal society website.