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My Evening with Harry June 23, 2012

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Earlier this week my sister suggested that we buy tickets to see Henry V.  I eagerly agreed. The posters in the underground stations of the bespattered soldier had piqued my interest. Yesterday evening we set off for Shakespeare’s Globe. Unfortunately, we encountered a series of delays and arrived thirty minutes late.

I had no pervious knowledge of this play and used all my powers of deduction to understand what was happening. England threatened to war with France – Good. Then I sank my 21st century bones into the Medieval landscape and language.  Henry V or King Harry (Jamie Parker) was outstanding and carried us into heat of battle. In his scenes I felt like a soldier, council member, a frighten civilian or a silent servant in a dark corner. He was a man with a cause and though was grieved, angry or in good humor this never changed. The St Crispin’s Day speech thrilled and I almost shouted, “Bring me my sword.”

My favourite scene was before the final battle: King Harry knelt to pray with his hand on the hilt of his sword. The words he uttered I cannot remember but intense emotion unsettled me. I have no right to be here. I shouldn’t be watching a king cry.  This is too personal.

There were many lighter scenes, and I laughed so much one time people turned to stare (This often happens). There was singing, music and beautiful harmony throughout the play.  I’m sure you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed it. I intend to go again and drag some friends with me.

For more information please see Shakespeare’s Globe



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