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A Path Worth Following June 17, 2012

Posted by Geek 20/20 in Lifestyle, Science, Teaching.
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I cannot remember the first time I picked up a screwdriver. However, I’ve had many adventures involving screwdrivers. This usually included a McDonald’s toy. If I broke a toy I would pull out my dad’s toolbox and disassemble the poor thing. Most of the time I couldn’t fix it but always knew what went wrong. I remember building furniture from IKEA flat packs or asking my dad countless questions about the car, sockets and the microwave.

My Dad had similar adventures; he told us of a time he took his dad’s old radio apart. This desire to know how things worked led him into the IT industry. The best part of this story is that the little me unscrewing toys didn’t know she was copying her father.

While studying Science in university I noticed a similar pattern among the female students. One girl’s father was a chemistry teacher, another’s an electrician and  another’s Physics Lecturer. None of these girls were pushed to do the course. It was a natural progression. In my case I didn’t realise my interest in Science came from my dad until recently. Happy Father’s Day Dad!



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