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The Science of Girl’s things June 28, 2012

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A few years ago I put together a series of lesson to looking at careers in Science. At the time I found several resources that I adapted to suit my students and the time allocated. Earlier today I saw the video for the EU campaign . I thought that video would have been a great discussion tool and was surprised by the outrage this video sparked.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I believe this gives a basic and clear message. Science isn’t something obscure and out of reach.



My Evening with Harry June 23, 2012

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Earlier this week my sister suggested that we buy tickets to see Henry V.  I eagerly agreed. The posters in the underground stations of the bespattered soldier had piqued my interest. Yesterday evening we set off for Shakespeare’s Globe. Unfortunately, we encountered a series of delays and arrived thirty minutes late.

I had no pervious knowledge of this play and used all my powers of deduction to understand what was happening. England threatened to war with France – Good. Then I sank my 21st century bones into the Medieval landscape and language.  Henry V or King Harry (Jamie Parker) was outstanding and carried us into heat of battle. In his scenes I felt like a soldier, council member, a frighten civilian or a silent servant in a dark corner. He was a man with a cause and though was grieved, angry or in good humor this never changed. The St Crispin’s Day speech thrilled and I almost shouted, “Bring me my sword.”

My favourite scene was before the final battle: King Harry knelt to pray with his hand on the hilt of his sword. The words he uttered I cannot remember but intense emotion unsettled me. I have no right to be here. I shouldn’t be watching a king cry.  This is too personal.

There were many lighter scenes, and I laughed so much one time people turned to stare (This often happens). There was singing, music and beautiful harmony throughout the play.  I’m sure you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed it. I intend to go again and drag some friends with me.

For more information please see Shakespeare’s Globe

A Path Worth Following June 17, 2012

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I cannot remember the first time I picked up a screwdriver. However, I’ve had many adventures involving screwdrivers. This usually included a McDonald’s toy. If I broke a toy I would pull out my dad’s toolbox and disassemble the poor thing. Most of the time I couldn’t fix it but always knew what went wrong. I remember building furniture from IKEA flat packs or asking my dad countless questions about the car, sockets and the microwave.

My Dad had similar adventures; he told us of a time he took his dad’s old radio apart. This desire to know how things worked led him into the IT industry. The best part of this story is that the little me unscrewing toys didn’t know she was copying her father.

While studying Science in university I noticed a similar pattern among the female students. One girl’s father was a chemistry teacher, another’s an electrician and  another’s Physics Lecturer. None of these girls were pushed to do the course. It was a natural progression. In my case I didn’t realise my interest in Science came from my dad until recently. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Home Time June 15, 2012

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I’ve spent the past few days with my parents. I love going home – having long chats, freedom from chores and reading without interruption.

I took a few pictures with my phone to share. I’ll write a real post shortly.

The sheen of rain through the leaves of a strawberry plant.

I was struck by the colourful flowers growing all over the neighbourhood. I just had to take this picture.

Read some of my childhood favourites!

Ray Bradbury dies, aged 91 June 6, 2012

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A family friend introduced me to the world of sci-fi when I was in my mid-teens. He gave me a CD with the Bradbury 13 audio drama series. I loved it! My personal favorite was ‘Here There be Tygers’.

My imagination was inspired by his writing. Also many harsh and troubling truths about human nature were brought to the forefront while reading his stories. I have spent hours working through the many ideas that Bradbury provokes.  After that time I went on to discover Dr. Who, HG Wells, JRRT, The Cradleland Chronicles and Star Wars.

So here I am saying to the iconic guide who has led me to other worlds

“Thank you for the tales and the message.

For the thoughts and experiences

Rest in Peace”