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Hints from the wise: part 3 May 12, 2012

Posted by Geek 20/20 in Lifestyle.
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Hello all! It’s been a while since my last post. I apologise most profusely.

In this post I’d like to share a conversation I had with a friend.

Netball: A women’s netball game had been planned. Sounds riveting. However,when I saw the list of organisers I thought, “Ugh, young kids – so not going”

That weekend I shared my views with one of my good friends.

“So?” she replied, her voice tinted with disapproval, “you talk to me and I’m a lot older than you.”

“That’s because I’m different.” I grinned but believed my statement was true, “young girls freak me out.”

“That’s your first problem. View these girls as young women and not as a set or group. I know some of them would like to get to know you.”

I didn’t respond with a promise to go but that netball night I was at the park.

It was fun! I am a bad player but didn’t care. There was a range of girls and ladies. Between games I chatted with a young lady about exercise and college.

It was an important life lesson. Does anyone have similar stories to share?



1. sammyo123 - May 15, 2012

Age is nothing but a number 🙂

Geek 20/20 - May 16, 2012

True, true

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