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The Sun’s weather April 24, 2012

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NASA scientists explain the various phenomena of space weather.


The Tale of the Title April 18, 2012

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I have come across a few books whose title alone are awe-inspiring.

Lonely Bones: I began listening to the audio book with my family. The reader’s chilling tones freaked us out. We didn’t finish it.

That Hideous Strength: The last book in CS Lewis’ comic trilogy met all my expectations. Weaving science fiction with Arthurian mythology, it is my favourite modern fairy tale

This Present Darkness: Frank Peretti’s 80’s tale of spiritual warfare, prayer and believers under fire. I used to sit for ages and trace my fingers over the golden embossed cover.

The Boy called It: My friend got our whole ‘set’ (We were in our late teens) to read David Peltzer’s life story. This is the only book I’ve shamelessly wept over. His writing style is so wonderfully child-like and doesn’t let the reader become comfortable.

The Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother: I love this title, it is so imaginative. I am reading this mother’s memoir. There are many similarities between her stories and my family’s.

The Hunger Games: I haven’t read the books but the title has stuck with me since the trilogy was recommended on an online forum over a year ago. Just hearing it increases my heart rate.

Have you read or seen any striking book titles?