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Of Men and Of Angels March 30, 2012

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Easter 2004: I discovered R Harrison archangel series. we were having an easter school trip at Wesley Owen, Oxford St (it has since closed down). I could spend hours in a bookshop and I did that day. I picked up a bluish book with a yellow title. I was drawn to the angel wings and shimmering sea.

Simply: This was the Book of Acts retold through the diary of a guardian angel.

When people usually write about angels they emphasises ethereal beings, awe – the fantastic. Harrison does touch on these points but his angelic characters could be anyone I know; Oriel is the lead character and very organised and concise. His world view is very logical. He is anxious to complete his task and return to his responsibilities. Through his twisting adventure he gains insight into the complexity of ‘us humans’. More importantly he sees the depth of God’s love.

Harrison has a witty narrative style and the dialogue between the angels is laugh-out-loud funny. Many times on the tube/bus I’ll stuff my fist in my month so to stop the uncontrollable laughter :).

 It’s been eight years since I first read the book, each re-read has been as captivating as the first.



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