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E = mc^2 + 1 January 24, 2012

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My Siblings and I love the comedian, Milton Jones. His Jokes and puns are clean and extremely funny. His shows are usually based on careers. This week’s vocation was…(drumroll please)

Brilliant Mathematician

A show packed full of geeky maths references and still hilarious. I just had to share the joy!


A Dickens time of year January 20, 2012

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Throughout this month, BBC radio 4 and BBC radio 4 extra are broadcasting the audio dramatization of Charles Dickens novels. Radio drama are my favourite form of entertainment. It flies the imagination to a place of childlike wonder. The best part for me is the range of voices and accents. Others may be more interested in the music or sound effects. I have discovered many times and met many character all thanks to this world of sound.

Back to Dickens!

A Tale of Two Cities: I missed the first episodes so I didn’t listen to this one. Several years ago I attempted to read this book but it conquered me. I intend to begin again before the leaves grow green.

David Copperfield: I love this book and have read it several times. Picture my excitement when it came on. An hour every day for two weeks. Life is good!

The Old Curiosity Shop: In my mind Little Nell and merged with Little Dorrit. Three weeks in I have successfully separated the two storylines.

The Mumbai Chuzzlewits: This was Martin Chuzzlewit set in modern-day India. It was fresh adaptation of the original story. I like.

Hard Times and Mrs Lirriper began this week.

This post isn’t meant to be a review just general news.

Weight and weights: a personal experiment January 18, 2012

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I began a new class at the gym yesterday. Body pump –  actually weight training.

Now, there are some myths and fears about women doing weight training. I will address three of them in this post

  1. I will become muscular and built like a man. The images of female body builders add to this fear. There is a hormone in men called testosterone that determines their muscle mass. Women do not naturally have as much of this hormone as men. So this shouldn’t be an issue. Body builders tend to take steroid hormones to increase their muscles.
  2. If I have to stop my muscles will turn to fat. Fat and muscle are two different kinds body tissue. One cannot magically turn to another! If you stop or reduce your exercise adjust your food intake. Otherwise the extra your body no longer uses will be stored as fat.
  3. I can eat whatever I want while I train. Exercise alone isn’t enough for a healthy body. A diet that caters for your needs will ensure your body can perform at its best.


    I just make it look easy

    As I continue in this class I hope to test these myths/explanations. I’ll be experimenting on myself :P. Keep an eye open for updates

Hints from the wise: part 2 January 10, 2012

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Ten day into the new year and I have already heard sound advice!

Book: I’ve been reading a mind opening book by Don Colbert MD, Deadly Emotions. In a  section on resentment, Colbert makes a statement. ‘… you need to take a positive step to keep the grievance from taking root.’

My positive step  is singing. It is difficult to begin singing when furious/sad/gloomy but it’s hard to be piteous when singing.

Church: The first real sunday of the year we had a visiting preacher. His topic – TIME 

“prioritize, plan and pursue”. In regards to this blog I plan to post every three to four days. Also to increase my readership. (A shout out to Sam :D). In pursuit I intend to  write fun and relevant topics to engage. Any ideas will be welcomed