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A teacher’s uniform June 14, 2013

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I might rock the yellow one day! – from the madeinchina website

Unlike the navy, chefs, deep-sea divers, nurses and policemen, teachers do not have regulated attire. Some other professions have a ‘look’.  They can often be associated with certain styles and colours.

In the last eighteen months, I’ve taught in many good schools where everyone is in suits and others where the teachers wear chinos and converses! In these schools behaviour, the quality of teaching and staff support isn’t lacking. so this is not a post calling for smarter uniform.

However, I do have a uniform – a mental armour that changes me from introverted bookworm to Ms_________, bellowing and growling in a noisy classroom. (My friends are still surprised at what I do :P)

There are some risks with is mental wall

  • Forgetting to take it off – becoming more terse over longer period
  • Forgetting to put it on – resulting in a hellish work day
  • Struggling to use those skills (ie. voice projecting) in non-work scenarios – announcing dessert at a dinner party or saying “excuse me” in a packed train.

You can see I still working on seams of this ‘uniform’. It certainly fits better these days!


Hints from the wise: Bringing up boys June 1, 2013

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Being a sister of two brothers has effected how I interact with male students.

Rule One: Once I start screaming they stop listening. My male siblings immediately ‘zone out’ when my pitch begins rising.

Rule Two: Remain firm when you give instructions

Case study 1: What not to do

“Miss, can I go toilet”

“No, you should have gone during break” I reply

Ten minutes later…

“Can I go now, Miss”

“Umm, not yet” I’m weakening

Five minute later…

“You said I could, Miss” The student begins hoping up and down

“Yeah go ahead.”

Case study 2: What should have happened

“Miss, can I go toilet”

No, you should have gone during break” I reply

Ten minutes later…

“Can I go, Miss”


“It’s not far just down the corridor”

“If the was at the back at the room it wouldn’t matter. Go and sit down”

Five minutes later…

“Miss, can I go now”

“What did I tell you before?”

The student repeats my earlier statement in a mumble.

Rule Three : Give lots of praise and be genuine. A simple “Good thinking!” goes a long way. It is better than false gushing!

I’m sure there are more. let me know what your ‘rules’

Blossoms and Severe Writer’s Block April 18, 2013

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Repeatedly, in the last two months, I’ll sit in front of by laptop, open up my WordPress dashboard, click on add new post and …nothing.
Or I’ll be at the dining room table tap-tap tapping on the surface with a gnawed pen. It was a horrible experience as I seemed drained of all my creativity.

I believe it’s linked to the protracted cold weather we’ve been having in London. Now Winter is my favourite seasons but no much of a good thing isn’t good.
Or maybe its just laziness. ideas for this blog have come easily before. Now I earn it through blood, sweat and tears, emphasis on the tears.

A few evenings ago I was walking home from a friend house. It was about 10:30 pm. I rounded a corner and on the green was a huge tree laden with blossom. It was so startling that I stood in wonder. Spring is here to stay!

Night blossoms

The sunshine, warming temperatures and lighter evening hadn’t convinced me until I saw that tree. I began clapping and laughing out loud. Then this post’s title hazily formed in my mind.  The block on my creativity faded away!

Since then I jotted several ideas which I’ll blog about in the near future.

If the sun is shining where you are, step outside for a few minutes. Enjoy!

March 13, 2013

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Disappointments can be quite painful, regardless of their magnitude.

We all experience disappointment: poor job interviews or test scores,  health challenges, social snubs, and athletic losses

Dealing with the aftermath of these problems often requires more mental or physical ability then the original performance.

Here is what I have been experiencing in recent times and sharing with you( my readers) in hope that the future will be a little brighter.

 Disappointment and failure builds character and patience so becoming more realistic.

Romans 5:3-4 says it like this: “We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us—they help us learn to endure. And endurance develops strength of character”

Focusing on ultimate task ahead

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Todays Google Doodle (2) February 19, 2013

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Today is Nicolaus Copernicus 540th birthday.Quiet Monumental!

Today is Nicolaus Copernicus 540th birthday.
Quite Monumental!

The first time I heard about the work of Copernicus was in a History of Science class in University. I really enjoyed the journey through time looking at Science. Recently, I did something similar with a Yr7 class. We looked at the history of the magnets and magnetism. The students had a lot of questions and we finished with the making a compass practical.

Any subject could be Scientific!